Member of the Ajac Lukaal Ziguinchor cooperative, Credit scoring A2F June 2022

«I am very proud to have collaborated with Shelter For Life and my experience will serve as a model of success but more importantly as an encouragement for women to assert themselves. Thank you to theA2F component especially the LIFFT-CASHEW project»


In the SeGaBi region people have always lived with the reality that it is the man who owns the land that the woman should only engage in certain types of work.

In this context, SFL is trying to challenge and change this narrative by working with cooperatives and targeting women.   An example is the under the wing of the Ajac Lukaal cooperative SFL provided small loans to women.  This was within the framework of the credit scoring pilot activity with market gardening. Through this financing, members generated income they she did not expect.  For one specific woman, with the income earned from market gardening of vegetables she has now become a tree nurserywoman.  The income this allowed her to begin to engage in the business of producing cashew plants. This woman isa widow and relies only on herself to feed her children through the income she gets from market gardening and cashew plant production. Now, in this promising sector of the cashew nut industry, SFL in assisting more women to become represented in the cashew value chain and diversify their sources of income for increased food security.


«Thanks to Shelter For Life International, we women are now asserting ourselves alongside men». 


 «The LIFFT Cashew project funded by USDA and implemented by Shelter for Life International supports Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau (SeGaBi) in the integral development of the cashew value chain. The organization of cooperatives and their transformation is an important axis to ensure the sustainability of the activities promoted by the LIFFT Cashew project. »



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