Cashew nurseries help farmers plant seeds for a better future

After the production of seedlings, SFL, in collaboration with the SéGaBi Research Institutes, supports the nurserymen in grafting the seedlings to create improved local varieties available to producers. For Senegal, ISRA (Institut Nationale de Recherche Agricole) has approved the quality of the ordinary seedlings produced by the nurserymen. The seedlings that are good for planting are 35,600. Seedlings parks have been identified, and the collection of grafts was also accomplished this month. The grafting started with the nurserymen of the AJAC and FPPA cooperatives.  Among the other cooperatives, the grafting will be done on the field 20 days after planting, at the end of August. In The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, seedlings are at the planting stage, 3,793 and 6,720, respectively, but the research institutes (NARI and INPA) have not yet verified the quality of the seedlings. This verification is planned for mid-August before proceeding with the distribution.  Out of 57,207 seedlings, SFL has a goal to graft 9,000 plants.

Grafting of seedlings in Senegal


Follow-up and verification of the quality of the plants with ISRA in Senegal


Collection of grafts at the level of seed parks in Senegal