The official launch of the 2023 export campaign was held this Wednesday, June 14, 2023 in Kolda.

The first edition, held in Kolda, was rich in content, with the official opening ceremony featuring a number of speeches by representatives of the government and the ICAS cashew trade association.

Several panel discussions took place, highlighting the issues, challenges and progress of the cashew industry.

These included panels on “Cashew exports for economic growth: from raw cashew nuts to kernels”.

Panels featuring presentations by Shelter For Life, agents highlighted the project’s support and efforts in the value chain through producers, cooperatives and processors.

There was also an exhibition of cashew by-products, including cashew kebabs, processed nuts, roasted, salted or plain, and juice, to name but a few.

The second day continued with two panel discussions. The first focused on economic opportunities for exporters in local processing (kernels and by-products), and the second panel discussed the challenges of raw material availability for agro-industrialists and local processing units, as well as measures to increase cashew nut production and productivity.

Shelter For Life’s efforts in the cashew nut value chain were recognized, and the project was awarded a certificate of recognition.

At the closing ceremony, a date was set for the ACA annual conference to be held in Dakar from September 18 to 21, 2023.

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