B2B Tour

All’s well that ends well.

After several weeks of preparation, the project’s national offices in turn organized B2B (business-to-business) days with all the players in the value chain, as well as members of government from the 03 countries.

These included the Ministry of Commerce, chambers of commerce, regional rural development departments, traders, producers and cooperatives.

The day was enhanced by the presence of the project manager, Mr. Fakhriddin Kuziboev, who gave a very good speech on the project and all the work we are doing with the stakeholders…

As a reminder, the program is implemented through four components: (C1) market infrastructure, (C2) financial services, (C3) market access and linkages, and (C4) agriculture (farming practices).

The LIFFT CASHEW project develops and strengthens cashew value chain actors at SeGaBi level through capacity building, market access, access to finance, networking and access to logistics and equipment.

As part of its drive to promote group marketing in Senegal, SFL’s CMA/ TP department has supported cashew producer associations and cooperatives in setting up a direct partnership system with buyers. This system has enabled producer associations and cooperatives to sign a number of contracts with buyers during the 2023 season.

The tone has now been set for the 2024 campaign, pending the official launch of the cashew season on May 15 and 17, 2024 by the Senegalese cashew interprofession in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade.

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