As part of the SFL program to support the formalization of cooperatives and boost their entrepreneurial culture, the Linking Infrastructure, Finance, and Farms to Cashew (LIFFT-Cashew) project conducted training on Cooperative Management and Agricultural Entrepreneurship for associations and cooperatives in The Gambia.

The aim of the training is to build capacity and accompany management staff of the associations and cooperatives in their initiatives to officially register their organizations, efficiently manage and involve in the development of the cashew value chain, and enhance their entrepreneurial commitment.

The training is ongoing and currently involves Kombo Cashew Farmers Association (CKFA), Ndar Cashew Kaffo (NCSK), and Natal Cashew Growers and Processors Association (NCGPA).The issues of leadership and democratic governance of the cooperatives were also addressed as well as the finance management. The participants greatly appreciated these training and mentioned about the importance of organizations of these kinds of training for population for creating one voice in price determination and support of farmers.

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