Cashew Steering Committee

Cashew Steering Committee

The organization of the Regional Forum of a Single Cashew Market has just ended this May 18, 2022. It was a success because it allowed to better explain the issues on the cashew sector.

A high quality event, with the presence of the Ministries of Trade, Finance, Agriculture of Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau. The chambers of commerce of Senegal and Gambia and the cooperatives were also present.

This exchange framework has generated a lot of interest, particularly with regard to the possibilities of creating the SEGABI corridor for the transport of nuts.

The facilitation of the free flow of goods was also in the spotlight with the example of the treaties signed by ECOWAS, WAEMU on this issue.

One of the highlights of this Forum was also the signing of an agreement between the two chambers of commerce of Ziguinchor and Bissau in the context of facilitating access to the SEGABI market. As well, The Gambia was also invited to do the same.

In addition, a consensus was found by the same between these 3 countries to sit and find the best formula for collaboration.

As a reminder, the main objective of this forum was to raise awareness of the impact of policies adapted by governments of the three countries, and to find solutions.

Thus, to push the leaders of these countries to find a consensus for the facilitation of the transit trade of the nut. Finally, to advocate for the free movement of goods, including the lifting of the ban on road transport of the nut.

Shelter For Life International, through the LIFFT project financed by the USDA, took the opportunity to inaugurate the 6 km road between BULA and AUGUSTO BARO, a celebration made in the fervor and joy of the people.


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