LIFFT-Cashew: Improve marketed cashew nuts quality in 2021

This February 12, a committee made up of the presidents of cooperatives, directors of processing units (SCPL and SODAM) as well as representatives of the ministries of Agriculture and the Environment of Senegal met in our premises in Ziguinchor.

Committee meeting at SFL Ziguinchor’s Office
Committee meeting at <a href=httpswwwshelterorg>SFL<a> Ziguinchors Office

This meeting allowed participants to assess the quality of cashew nuts marketed based on the results obtained in 2020, in order to be able to start the 2021 campaign better.

sharing workshop on improving the quality of marketed cashew nuts
Sharing workshop on improving the quality of marketed cashew nuts

Therefore, during of this meeting, strong recommendations were made like:

  • Set up a committee for the settlement of conflicts between buyers and producers
  • Provide the manual of procedures for conflict settlements

Finally, regarding the quality of commercialized cashew nuts, directives was given regarding the cashew nut counts, conservation modalities and their categorization in order to achieve better yields in 2021.


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