Cashew B2B

Cashew B2B


Creation of a single market for RCNs in the SeGaBi region initiated by Shelter For Life International: SEGABI a perfect model to illustrate that synergy is the best consensus to make interstate connectivity take off.

The synergistic effect of inter-state trade, rather than competition, is expected to improve production, processing and regulatory standards in the region, thereby giving the bloc access to international markets.

The organization of this Forum on 18 and 19 May 2022 in Guinea Bissau will allow to exchange but especially to concretize the standards of productions, the regulations in order to facilitate the access in the regional and international markets.

This may improve the efficiency of the market clearing and pricing mechanism in the cashew sector. For example, due to trade restrictions on the RCN trade between the three sister countries, market gluts have been experienced in Guinea-Bissau while processors in Senegal and The Gambia are more often experiencing shortages.

A secure supply line is important to the region’s processors and a unified market will invariably solve this problem.

In addition, the creation of a single market will increase the incomes of farmers in the region, thereby helping to combat poverty in the rural areas of the region.

The main objective of the regional forum is to raise awareness of the impact of the policies adapted by the governments of the three countries, and to find solutions, to push the officials of these countries to find a consensus for the facilitation of transit trade of RCN. And finally, to advocate for the free movement of goods, especially the lifting of the ban on the transport of RCN by road.

As a reminder, the exchange frameworks initiated through B2B are used to put producers, exporters and processors in touch with each other to better master the process of obtaining a receipt, but especially access to financing in order to maintain a stable supply chain.

The Forum will be attended by H.E. MICHAEL RAYNOR, the Ministers of Agriculture, Trade and Guinea Bissau, regional authorities, stakeholders and all actors in the cashew nut sector

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