Cashew B2B

Cashew B2B

The Sedhiou region was the rallying point on May 6, 2022, a choice that is not fortuitous, because it is the heart of cashew nut production in Casamance.

72.000 Tons expected for SEGABI (Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau) this campaign

For the 2022 season, if all goes well except for the global rate of SEGABI, Senegal is betting on 12,000 tons.

SFL, in its support policy, has created this framework so that producers, exporters and processors can work together to create win-win partnerships.

However, the contribution and openness of the latter would be more profitable if they work in synergy, according to Amadou Lamine Cissé, president of the Federation of Cashew Growers in the regions of Fatick and Kaolack.


According to the organizer of this B2B, the role played by SFL in the establishment of relations is to improve the fluidity of relations for the marketing of cashew nuts, accompanying the formalization of actors.


“SFL does not finance but helps to raise funds”.


However, this sector is not without problems according to Siaka Diallo, the president of the traders and exporters of the cashew industry, because according to him, his Excellency President Macky Sall should subsidize the cashew industry as much as he does groundnuts, millet etc.


Another major concern in the cashew sector is why the call was made to the state of Senegal to play  its part in facilitating the delivery of the nut in the market by sea in accordance with the new laws governed by ECOWAS and WAEMU.


SFL hopes that the B2B will have benefited all the actors of the cashew nut sector present during this 2nd edition of this exchange framework and wishes that this campaign will be beneficial and win-win for all.


Excellent 2022 season.

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