Woman in the cashew sector

Woman in the cashew sector

A housewife, she was barely making ends meet with her small horticultural business until her collaboration with SFL

Her story began with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with SFL, she was selected for a nursery and began to receive training in grafting techniques and nursery production management, as well as business opportunities from the agricultural component of SFL.

In 2020, after receiving the first training, she first started to produce seedlings with a small volume only for herself, so in 2021, after the agreement signed with the members of the CONGAI cooperative for the purchase of seedlings, she started to involve a team composed of 10 workers, seven (7) men and three (3) women, four (4) of whom were paid men since the others were members of her family and would receive their share after the commercialization of the plant.

Her production was of one thousand (1000) plants that she sold to the members of the CONGAI cooperative with a turnover of about 500,000 F CFA. With this amount, she was able to pay her workers, pay her children’s school fees and support her husband in family expenses and ensure the payment of service providers for the maintenance of her cashew plantations.

She was selected as one of the beneficiaries of the aid for the construction of modern shade houses and promises for the next season to hire more laborers to increase the volume of plant production and turnover.

« The USDA-funded LIFFT Cashew project, implemented by Shelter for Life International, supports Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau (SeGaBi) in the full development of the cashew value chain. The organization of cooperatives and their processing is an important axis to ensure the sustainability of the activities promoted by the LIFFT Cashew project.»

“I have to thank SFL for guiding me through this opportunity, the technical assistance and market access with the CONGAI cooperative, and for connecting me with the Canchungo Zone Regional Agricultural Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development who visited my nursery and plantation and registered me in their database of potential nurserymen in the zone.”

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